Society (of) Linguistic Artisans (and) Beneficiaries (for the) Protection (of) America's Adult Children
(and the fruits thereof in corporate courtrooms).

SLAB-PAAC Mission: Statement and Purpose

1. To educate and serve the victims of the "Silent American Holocaust" in the reconstruction of private autonomy of "being" with healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual boundaries - inviolate by corporate charters and legalized hostilities or the deceptions of a belligerent society.

2. To serve each other in establishing a healthy familial foundation by the sharing of mutual truths, discoveries, knowledge and experiential circumstances resulting in the expansion of intelligence, emotional and spiritual growth, and sound reason by which to guide our conduct and our alliances.

3. To provide a community of social and economic benefits in and for the promotion of a self-governing atmosphere, free of verbal oppressions, character assassinations, impeachments, and other such political distortions of reality, with full accountability for the consequences of conduct and full choices in freehold estate and good will inherent in all of mankind - regardless of race and/or nationality.

4. To provide free assistance (within the creative and intellectual skills of our members) to fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters torn asunder, fragmented, partitioned, and/or otherwise emotionally or mentally or spiritually traumatized by violent external forces both past and present.

5. To encourage and promote honesty in all governmental agencies and officials acting under any privileged "oath of office" by direct communication with those in power over the lives of our members, whether by usurpation, trespass and/or abuse of legal process or threatened abuse of legal process.

6. SLAB-PAAC Mission/Society accepts no financial assistance from any corporate entity or "groups" in comity therewith to maintain self-supporting autonomy and respect for each member and the members as a body of literary and creative people(s).

For the promotion of the liberties of express bi-lateral contracts

7. The Mission/Society holds that members may freely contract with each other for assistance of any kind whatsoever and their written contracts shall be under the "law of contract", bi-lateral, and interpreted by their common language, excluding legal terms of art employed in commercial agreements unless otherwise expressed within the four corners of the written instrument.

8. All disputes between members may be brought to any three chosen members for peaceful settlement - with each contracting member choosing one of the tribunal and the third member being drawn from a volunteer list of members for conflict resolution, Members choosing to register for such extraordinary services shall agree in writing, in advance, that the determination of the tribunal shall be binding upon the contracting members seeking the resolution services.

9. The lawful authority of the tri-furcated government of the territory shall be respected as the birthright of the people(s) born within the individual Republics commonly called the "united" States of America in union contract.

10. The writings, drawings, and other tangible works of art, including pen names, descriptive characterizations, crafted characterizations of natural or agricultural materials, shall be the private work product of the member whose industry, artistic skills, or other valid constructions determine the par and market value in present day satisfaction and the absolute ownership thereof.

In the promotion of the validity of trust and religious liberty autonomy and community

11. The Mission/Society shall function in the likeness of the 12-Step spiritual program developed by the designers of Alcoholics Anonymous and its supportive branches by adoption of the principles and practices of sponsorship to mentor those seeking recovery from all forms of indoctrinating habits, dependencies, and unhealthy addictions or obsessions. No member shall be compelled to give his/her name to any person under any circumstances in the protection of the confidentiality and privacy of the individuals seeking membership in SLAB-PAAC.

12. Members who provide proof of registration within the Roman Catholic and Catholic institution(al) church may be provided with special documents to identify their religious allegiance in matters of faith and credit and such will be respected as within the authority of a Foreign government in all related matters that may be made subject to adjudication. An elected "justice of the peace" within each particular diocese shall serve the members who have been adversely affected by legal wrong or agency actions within the meaning of any published legal enabling "statute".

Members comments are welcomed at all times. However, due to opposing ideology and the "criminal" justice philosophy adhered to - all persons who are bound by an oath of office to a State or American BAR association are not to be considered as members in good standing for adjudication purposes.

SLAB-PAAC Missions in Catholic Action

c/o 2355 - 30th Street SW

Roman Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids

(Wyoming) Michigan (49519)