Roman Catholic Nation(s) call upon their Bishops to
support their Baptismal "trusts"

In these days of emotional and moral turbulence, we ark your pastoral assistance to promote Justice and Peace within the guidelines of Vatican II and under the authority of the Holy See as Head of the Vatican State for all "ambassadors" of the faith. Please forward this open message to our Brothers and Sisters in Chris at your earliest convenience.

My Brothers and Sisters:

As Jesus washed the feet of his disciples in His living example of humility, so, too, did the Holy Father make a public apology for the past sins and inequities of the institutional Church. The Pater Familias of the Diocesan Families left a legacy of prayer and calls for peace throughout the world. Christ said His People suffer from want of knowledge and abhorred hypocrisy (Luke 11) and our families are suffering and being torn asunder by legal procedures (rites) over which we have no control and of which we had little knowledge.

We are all commanded to search for knowledge and truthand to the extent that we have found it to share with our bothers and sisters. Our linguistic and historical researchers can help each of you to begin your own journey on the search for truth and autonomy with the Father. We can also help you to form healthy emotional, mental, and spiritual boundaries in response to the conflict-engineering of the litigious society. The information we want to share is especially helpful when confronted with what appears to be the need of "representation" and/or "sponsorship by legal "counsel" before a district "judge" or commissioned "magistrate".

In today's political forums of "litigation" and "representations" your registered Baptismal Certificate and the knowledge (intelligence) we have to share with you may provide you with a "safety net" against those who would sacrifice justice at the BAR of international commerce and trade. The mass media has headline the new civilized warfare (lawsuits) with the words: "The main weapon against terrorism is intelligence". We are in agreement with that concept but not in agreement with the concept that ALL "knowledge" should be concealed from those who seek "lawful" rather than "legal" solutions to the obligations and difficulties of life.

We hold that "intelligencce" is a gift from the Father of all Creation and that man's "sin" or "offense" is in NOT using that private "gift" to each one of us in our search for truth and knowledge of the government(s) under which we act.

We believet that when the student is ready, the teacher will come. Are you ready? We are willing to share our knowledge and experience within and without the legal systems operative in American States in the modern world. With the belief that "freedom isn't free" we hold our "selves" accountable and leave the economic "value" of our diligent labors to God and Conscience. Our focus is on civil "liberties" rather than on alleged civil "rights" - which we know to be interests in property and able to be divided by time, title, interests and possession.

The 'ambassadors of our faith' have many immunities from prosecutions and persecutions. Learn to protect your inherent "self" and the autonomy of your family under the "law of the land" and your "faith and credit" under international covenants of peace and justice. For a copy of our Mission Statement you can contact this website or write directly to:

SLAB-PAAC Missions in Catholic Action
c/o 2355 - 30th Street SW
Roman Catholic Diocese of Grand RapidS
(Wyoming) Michigan (49519)